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What we do?

UX / UI Design

We specialize in crafting intuitive and visually stunning user experiences. Our design team excels in everything from information architecture and user flows to branding, ensuring comprehensive and seamless product design

Product Strategy

At the heart of our expertise lies product strategy, and we're committed to being your full-scale partner throughout your journey. We advocate for an iterative approach to product development, assisting you in shaping strategic MVPs, analyzing metrics, and integrating user feedback both before and after launch.

Full Stack Development

We specialize in developing groundbreaking web and hybrid mobile applications tailored for software companies. Our commitment is to meticulously align your distinctive requirements with our team of seasoned full-stack developers

Front-end Development

We harness the power of widely adopted front-end technologies like React.js and Vue.js to craft bespoke front-end applications that not only ensure maintainability but also seamlessly scale to meet your needs.

Back-end Development

Our back-end developers excel at crafting tailored APIs for your web and mobile applications, enabling the efficient reuse of back-end services across various front-end implementations.

Custom Web Apps

We have a strong specialization in developing customized web applications. When standard off-the-shelf solutions don't align with your requirements, we're here to create the tailor-made applications your company demands.

Maintenance and Support

Do you have an existing web app in need of maintenance? We assume development responsibilities for numerous applications, offering continuous website support and maintenance services

Product Management

Our leadership team and project managers collaborate closely with you to guarantee that all projects adhere to the highest quality standards and are accomplished within the specified timeframe and budget.

Our Project Managers will

  • Help define the scope of the project with input from the team
  • Manage the product roadmap
  • Ensure deliverables are met, on time and within budget
  • Prepare work and time estimates
  • Act as liaison between key stakeholders and the development and design teams
  • Coordinate meetings, such as sprint planning, daily standups, weekly check-ins, retros, and more
  • Ensure complete process transparency

Quality Assurance

Nothing is released until it undergoes a rigorous QA process conducted by our in-house quality assurance testers

Assessing QA Procedures

At the outset of every project, the crucial initial phase is discovery. Our QA testers will thoroughly investigate your existing processes, offering a comprehensive report on the current situation. We provide immediate value by identifying key areas for improvement

Building Reliable Products

Through our combination of automated testing and manual QA procedures, we significantly reduce the occurrence of bugs, resulting in a streamlined and more efficient development process. Our developers are well-versed in what's required for successful delivery, ensuring thorough checks of their code before submission to QA for a smooth release

Ensure Transparent Processes

We maintain meticulous documentation of our software testing procedures, seamlessly integrating them with your own processes whenever feasible. Our team aligns closely with yours, reporting to your leadership just as if we were part of your organization

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